Partially in observance of the coming holiday, mostly because I love music
and get a kick out of sharing, I scanned and blogged the 1976 Library of
Congress / Dick Spottswood LP series "Folk Music in America". If you're
unfamiliar, it's a 15 LP series of recordings and booklets documenting the
folk song and dance of pretty much any culture that can be considered
American (US, that is) between 1890 and 1976. It's a truly remarkable set,
and has never been available in digital form (as far as I know) until now.

You can download the full set here -

Or download individual volumes and read my notes about it here -

Please excuse me if this is "blogspam", but I know Dick is a long-time ARSC
member and thought many of you would appreciate it.

Mason Vander Lugt