Hi, Tom,

Sorry to be late for the party but among several projects including 
helping to honour Neil Muncy's wishes about his "stuff", I've been swamped.

I have always burned CDs out of Samplitude...from the days it was called 
"Red Roaster" in burning red-book CDs. For several iterations, it 
has had a Burn DVD Audio button next to the Burn CD button--and although 
I'm usually a very curious person, I have not done that, despite having 
one personal project I'd consider doing that with (two organs, big 
church, two great organists, 4 track 1/2-inch master).

So, I split the burning chores between Samplitude for audio discs and it 
handles the CD Text reasonably well, including showing it on the 
timeline once you've got it entered.

The only thing I use Nero for is burning CD/DVD/BD ROMs--as in 
delivering files to clients for computer use only. I bought the suite 
thinking I'd try other pieces of it and then when it came time to 
upgrade to Suite 10, I continued. I did need to upgrade to version 10 
when I went to W7-64 bit, two years ago now.

Before I started with Red Roaster, I found a bunch of horrid programs to 
burn CDs. One of the best (and I sadly forget its name) was a 
text-driven program, but it made nice CDs. That was in 1998, probably. I 
forget when I started with Red Roaster, but I'm pretty certain it was on 
the Windows 95/98 machine which I got early in 1998. It might have been 
from then or within a year or so. I was certainly using it in 1999. That 
was a 333 MHz machine with perhaps a Pentium II? It was my first 
personally owned Dell, starting a trend through 16 personal/family 
machines and several more I bought for others.



On 2013-07-23 8:07 AM, Tom Fine wrote:

> Now, regarding DVD-Audio, does anyone work in that format? I'm not
> finding any good ideas except
> DiscWelder. It might be such a fringe format that no one else messes
> with it.
> -- Tom Fine

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