If you can locate a Technics SL1015 R&B (Radio and Broadcast) you might
consider that as a step up from the Technics DJ models. We bought a used
one last year for a little over $1000. It's three speed and pitch is
adjustable in .1% increments. 

I had unlimited money, I'd buy an EMT 950.

David Seubert

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The three speed turntable of the Arhoolie Foundation has died and I don't
know if it's repairable.  We're looking for a good replacement.
Here's what we need.
1. Three speed
2. Variable pitch
3. Sturdy (we use it every day, all day long) 4. good specs (low rumble,
low wow & flutter) 5. Although we have yet to have a use for a turntable
that can play 16 inch transcriptions, it perhaps might be something we
would look at.
6. Not insanely expensive!

I'm sure many of you know more about this than I do, so any recommendation
would be appreciated. 
Tom Diamant
Arhoolie foundation