I was buying 78s before the LP came out, but switched to LP and later 45s  
for singles.
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The  first albums I bought were Columbia ten-inchers by Percy Faith, about 
1953.  I'm still fond of "Carnival Rhythms". I explored classical music by 
means of  the public library (Walter's Mahler), and the Musical Masterpiece 
Society  through the mail, budget ten-inchers of cheaply made European 
recordings, but  not bad performances.

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> There's  no way to know now, but I would dispute that kids were buying
> e.g.  Belafonte's big hit albums. 1956 was the year I was 16 and went
> to  work in a record shop, and kids didn't have enough money for albums
>  then. But grownups were buying albums, not singles, and that's
>  increasingly where the money was for the record companies, long before
>  popcrock pushed evertyhing else off the Billboard chart.
I started  buying albums when I first got a Summer job as a student. That
would be the  Summer before going away to College.

I think my first purchase was  Krips conducting Beethoven's Eighth, and
then Beecham doing the Enigma  Variations. An album of "Chicago Style
Jazz" with a cover by Ben Shahn and  a best of Billie Holiday. Chris

Later on, "Songs for  Swinging Lovers", "Such Sweet Thunder", and a few
Mercury LPs.

This  is all around 1960-1. 

Don  Cox
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