I have a client that has both a DAT tape format and VHS tape format that 
was used for logging audio at a call center. I am not familiar with 
either of these formats being used for call logging. Can anyone out 
there provide some insight as to the types of machines used for this 

Also the project mandates that the audio, as it is captured or after 
capture, is encrypted for security reasons. I have not had to do this as 
part of a digitization process. Can someone point me in the right 
direction to some potential programs one would use to do this? I'm 
assuming there is no such thing as "open sourced" encryption programs 
and that they are all proprietary, which is the inverse of what 
archiving this data is all about because if the company that provides 
the encryption software goes out of business and there is no support, 
the files then become useless. Does anyone with experience have any 
thoughts on this? At present, the client is indicating that each 
individual file has to be encrypted, it's not a situation where the 
storage media container such as the drive itself that the files are 
sitting on could be encrypted.

Any insight would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards,

John Schroth