Yours for the cost of Media Mail postage, USA only. First pay, first get. Ping OFF-list.

1. Four hubs of 1/2" Ampex 456 and/or 406 in old-style Ampex boxes. They appear to be session reels
of a gospel singer. They will need baking to play. Neither the boxes nor tapes are in great shape,
but they're not wrecked. They've been someplace damp but not wet.

2. six (6) tapes, as a group, yours for Media Mail, USA only. 10" plastic reels in white boxes, 
written on
with Sharpie. Some or all may need baking.

"Suburban Sound Chorus" recordings from 1985, 1987 and 1988, appear to be 15IPS 2T

"NPHS Spring Concert 1987" -- probably semi-cacophonous high school ensemble

"Brookdale Symphonic Band" 4/92, two reels 15IPS 2T

3. Nine (9) reels of music, what I'd call mainstream Top-40 from the 80s. These appear to have been
made by someone who worked at a radio station for his personal consumption (I say "his" because no
woman would waste the time to make these reels of light rock dreck, in my opinion). They are plastic
10" reels in re-purposed boxes. Song lists are very nicely written on the boxes. None of this is my
taste, but it's Top-40 because many people like it. I'm not mocking the listener for enjoying it,
I'm mocking the musicians for making it! I will say that almost every song on these tapes is more
original and usually much more interesting than what passes for "hits" today.

Anyway, ping me off-list if you want 'em. You're getting between the tapes and the dumpster.

-- Tom Fine