Disc 1, track 11, Do You Call That Religion? ....

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Hi, Mason,

Yes, thank you for this. It is most enlightening.

There were two files that had an error extracting, but WinRAR corrected
  One had a question mark in the filename which is a
     wild card for a single character in Windows
  The other had a string of asterisks and an asterisk is a
     wild card for any number of characters, hence the
     infamous del *.* command where you erase everything.

It replaced the ? and * with underscores _



On 2013-07-01 1:38 PM, Carl Pultz wrote:
> Wow - thank you! I never heard of this series, so it's really a discovery.
> Must have taken you weeks. The meta-data alone was a large task.
> One note - I downloaded the full set zip. After extraction on my 
> office Windows 7 machine, the file/folder names were green, meaning 
> they were encrypted. They opened, but when I tried to copy the music 
> folder to my studio W7 computer, it wouldn't copy. Clearing the 
> Encrypt contents to secure data attribute from the folder's Advanced
Attributes dialog fixed it.
> There was an error on one file during extraction, but I don't remember 
> which one. It might not matter, as nothing seems to be missing or of 
> the wrong size. It will be a while before I can play them all. :)
> Again, thank you!
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> Partially in observance of the coming holiday, mostly because I love 
> music and get a kick out of sharing, I scanned and blogged the 1976 
> Library of Congress / Dick Spottswood LP series "Folk Music in 
> America". If you're unfamiliar, it's a 15 LP series of recordings and 
> booklets documenting the folk song and dance of pretty much any 
> culture that can be considered American (US, that is) between 1890 and 
> 1976. It's a truly remarkable set, and has never been available in digital
form (as far as I know) until now.
> You can download the full set here -
> Or download individual volumes and read my notes about it here - 
> Please excuse me if this is "blogspam", but I know Dick is a long-time 
> ARSC member and thought many of you would appreciate it.
> Mason Vander Lugt

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