It was issued by A.F.R. Lawrence The "R" was for "records"  Greg Benko was
involved I believe, so he may be the "G".  Perhaps he'll remember.  I no
longer do.

Steve Smolian

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I believe GNR were the iitials of whoever produced the label. I'm not sure I
ever saw another release on that label.

joe salerno

On 7/6/2013 3:55 PM, Roger Kulp wrote:
> Found my first classical records in months in the Goodwill bins today.One
of these is one of those "under the table" or "back room" records from the
50s or 60s in a cover coated with fake leather.In almost 25 years of
excavating for old classical records,I have found maybe a dozen of such
discs,that are basically classical bootleg records.This one is a recording I
had not seen,but was not surprised was out there.This is Josef Hofmann and
an unidentified orchestra doing the Anton Rubenstein Piano Concerto #3 Opus
45.I am guessing this dates from the 1940s,about the same time as his
Rubenstein #4,that has been issued many times.There is no orchestra or date
given.Anyone have a clue?The "label" is GNR.Any idea what GNR stands
for?Certainly not Guns N Roses.
> Roger
>   		 	   		  .

Joe Salerno