Hi Don:

Can you explain your comment?

As I interpret it, you are saying that "bits is bits" is subhect to some sort of "telephone game" 
effect? Can you explain and provide some scientific basis for your statements?

As I interpret Richard's comment, "bits is bits" means that what medium is used to store the bits is 
less relevant because bit "fidelity" is cross-platform and not subject to specific media problems 
like analog signals were. However, bit integrity must be retained platform-to-platform. There are 
built-in algorhythms to insure this, but screwing up the bits can create unfixable problems, so many 
copies in many places of anything valuable is the best plan.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 08/07/2013, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>> We are now past the age of dedicated formats for most things and if we
>> are not we should be. It's all just bits and we should be dealing with
>> the bits. It's the only thing that will really be supported going
>> forward.
> So, basically a digital version of the word-of-mouth transmission that
> prevailed before the invention of writing.
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