Two thoughts.

1. I'd take a Lebrecht pronouncement with a grain of salt. "Throwing out unique treasures" is 
different from getting out of run of the mill LPs to free up space for non-niche/non-dead media.

2. Any common-sense approach to moving away from an antiquated media involves selling the artifacts 
to the general public. So, if there are any rare or unique records that are indeed being discarded, 
they will end up in the hands of collectors, unless common sense doesn't prevail. Given this is a 
public institution in a European country, it is possible that common sense will not prevail. I 
maintain optimism, given the Dutch reputation for practicality.

-- Tom Fine

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> Oh! This is very stressful!!!
> Ben
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> Wow, is that sad.  I wondering where it is all going?
> Best,
> John Haley
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