Someone will be the local expert on the Buffalo recording scene.  Usually he 
is found among the city's 45 collectors.  Contact the music librarian at the 
Buffalo PL.  He'll know or know who to contact.  Check out the guys who put 
on the local record shows- they'll know who collects local labels and is 
obsessed with the info you seek.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Question about Process Records in Buffalo in 1940s

I received the following question through another listserv, but thought you 
all would be a better source of information.  If you can help him, you can 
contact him directly, or respond here and I'll forward the information.


Do you or any SAA members have any information about a Record Company 
located in Buffalo, NY back in the 1940s, call Process Records?
I am trying to clear some music from this label for use in a documentary 
film. I'm sure they are no longer in business, but any information would be 
The recording I'm referring to is Pie Plant Pete & Bashful Harmonica Joe's 
"Gonna Have a Big Time Tonight,"

Recording: 12/20/47  Buffalo, NY

Releases: Process 521 A
Thank you,

Stephen Parry
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