Greetings all--

Looks like the time has finally come to replace my steadfast, 10 year 
old Dell Dimension--in large part because it seems we finally have the 
resources to do so.

I'm wondering if anyone can offer suggestions for a new machine that 
will fit the bill--particularly because I want to keep running my DAL 
CardDeluxe as my D/A for playback and monitoring, which means I'll need 
a machine that has at least one PCI expansion slot--in addition to at 
least three PCIe slots.  For a range of reasons I'm looking at an HP 
Z220, but wanted to hear any other suggestions/recommendations.

Finally, since Apogee does not provide driver support for FireWire on 
Windows beyond XP, I'm investigating connecting my Rosetta 800 to the PC 
using something like a Lynx AES16e PCIe card and Lynx CBL-AES1605 
cables. Wondering if anybody has any other suggestions.



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