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Hi Andy:

Are what software are you running and can you get Windows system software that will support both 
your hardware and software?

To be honest, if I had the funds to get rid of all the legacy WinXP aspects of my studio, I'd go Mac 
today. Why? Windows 8 is a horrible POS, and Microsoft shows no signs of sticking with anything 
familiar about Windows. So, if they're going to change everything about Windows, meaning I have to 
learn a new OS, why not just learn Mac? You can now build a full studio around a Mac Mini. You can 
also build it around a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, for that matter. The final decider for me is that 
Sony now makes Soundforge for Mac. The last thing I'd want to do is learn new audio software if I 
also have to learn a new OS.

Net-net, the whole thing infuriates me. I'm an audio guy, not an IT geek. I resent the steep 
learning curves and computer-tech issues that an audio guy needs to master today. However, once 
these are mastered, there is no arguing that modern digital-audio software can be super-efficient 
and modern DSP can do wonders to nip and tuck the quality of sound.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Audio workstation recommendations?

> Greetings all--
> Looks like the time has finally come to replace my steadfast, 10 year old Dell Dimension--in large 
> part because it seems we finally have the resources to do so.
> I'm wondering if anyone can offer suggestions for a new machine that will fit the 
> bill--particularly because I want to keep running my DAL CardDeluxe as my D/A for playback and 
> monitoring, which means I'll need a machine that has at least one PCI expansion slot--in addition 
> to at least three PCIe slots.  For a range of reasons I'm looking at an HP Z220, but wanted to 
> hear any other suggestions/recommendations.
> Finally, since Apogee does not provide driver support for FireWire on Windows beyond XP, I'm 
> investigating connecting my Rosetta 800 to the PC using something like a Lynx AES16e PCIe card and 
> Lynx CBL-AES1605 cables. Wondering if anybody has any other suggestions.
> Thanks!
> Andy
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