Hi Andy:

Can you just freeze, disconnect and use as-is? Get another computer for interwebs-required tasks. 
You can probably do with a cheaper laptop, and you'll probably like having a dedicated machine for 
just local audio stuff anyway.

John Chester's posting about disabling auto-run on USB drives is important if you go the stand-alone 
machine route.

For $700 savings, I'd try the stand-alone option first and see if it works. Maybe just try it out 
for a month near the end of 2013. If it really sucks for your workflows, then you have time to 
decide on another course.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hey all--
> My primary software is Adobe Audition 2.0 and 5.5.  I also run Diamond Cut 7, but use it very 
> rarely.
> There's also a gaggle of smaller applications I use: e.g. BWF Metaedit, NCH's Switch, Nero Burning 
> Rom (can't remember the version), Better File Rename, the software for my thermal CD/DVD labeling 
> machine, as well as Access, Excel, etc--as well as drivers for my steadfast USB Plextor Premium 
> burners, the DAL CardDeluxe.  I'm pretty sure the thermal labeler is not supported past XP, and 
> that's one thing I still really need.
> MAC is probably out of the question due to my need for PCI/PCIe slots--especially since the new 
> Mac Pro no longer seems to have them, not to mention we could not afford one regardless.
> My plan was to go with a fuller version of Win 7 rather than 8.  I also have a Mac Mini with XP 
> installed on a Bootcamp partition--and I might just move that to a VM using Parallels or VMWare 
> Fusion.
> The only real bummer to me in all this--outside of the irritating recalcitrance of Microsoft in 
> general--is Apogee's lack of FW 400 support for the Rosetta past XP, which will now require me to 
> spend at least $700 on a D-sub interface and cables so I can keep using the hardware.
> Thanks,
> Andy
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