So I'm going to be the only party pooper (read with heavy Austrian 
accent and a machine gun cross your chest)?

Having spent years with both a turbo charged 1200 and an EMT 948 and now 
an EMT 950, I have some points.

1. The 1200 is your best bang for the buck but it's not a great 
turntable. If you do go that route place it on a really heavy slab of 
marble so that you reduce the rumble.
2. EMT turntables cost more but are worth every sent. They produce much 
tighter bass than the 1200, assuming same cartridge. Works magic on 78's.
3. The EMT 950 is almost impossible to find and costs a lot but the 948 
is all over eBay and if you wait long enough you can pick one up for a 
reasonable cost. They are worth the investment IMHO.
4. The 948 can be easily modified to play 16" records. No money needed 
just a metric Allen set. IF you get one I'll email you the instructions, 
really easy.
5. The 948 has a really easy variable speed option and if you're handy 
with a soldering iron you can even make a multi fixed speed change box 
for 78 setting.

Back to my hole

בתאריך 24/07/13 8:36 PM, ציטוט John Schroth:
> Tom:
> I have the Rondine 3 from Rek-O-Kut and have been very happy with it 
> for the past six years. Looks like Rek-O-Cut also has some new 
> offerings on the same page link provided below.
> John Schroth
> On 7/24/2013 1:54 PM, Tom Diamant wrote:
>> The three speed turntable of the Arhoolie Foundation has died and I 
>> don't
>> know if it's repairable. We're looking for a good replacement.
>> Here's what we need.
>> 1. Three speed
>> 2. Variable pitch
>> 3. Sturdy (we use it every day, all day long)
>> 4. good specs (low rumble, low wow & flutter)
>> 5. Although we have yet to have a use for a turntable that can play 
>> 16 inch
>> transcriptions, it perhaps might be something we would look at.
>> 6. Not insanely expensive!
>> I'm sure many of you know more about this than I do, so any 
>> recommendation
>> would be appreciated.
>> Tom Diamant
>> Arhoolie foundation

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