Hi, Peter,

I never recall seeing a tape machine marked "Do Your Own Concert".

I came across this

> Showing with Howard Wise’s experimental media art gallery in New
> York, Downey created pieces like his 1969 Do Your Own Concert, which
> records and plays back the viewer’s sounds via interactive
> eight-track,


and wonder if it was related. The additional buttons make this look 

I took a quick look through "Evolution of the Audio Recorder" by Phil 
Van Praag and nothing jumped out at me.

I tried your image in Google Image Search including a more rectified 
version using the new "Upright" tool in Lightroom 5...nothing useful.

I also tried matching the image searching on 815 and tape recorder, but 

My guess is that it is European rather than American or Japanese and 
while my link to Howard Wise's experimental media art gallery in NY and 
the reference to Downey specified 8-track we don't know if that is 
really correct and/or a similar installation could have been done in 
another venue with the reel.

I am thinking something along the lines of Braun, Beocord, Telefunken, 
etc. The buttons below the deck imply it is an electrically remotable 
deck, but the image at the right hints at mechanical transport levers.

Good luck and please let us know if you ever find anything.



On 2013-07-03 10:31 AM, Peter Oleksik wrote:
> Hi All, I need to ID the make/model of the reel to reel deck in this
> image:
> I can make out that it's a 4-track solid state, with the model
> (presumably) 815. Unfortunately, I can't make out the manufacturer of
> the deck. Does anyone out there know what this deck is? Also, an even
> bigger long shot, would anyone know where I could find some more of
> that exact model? Please email me directly at
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> Thanks in advance! Peter

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