At some point in the future the archive I work for may have to deal with 
hundreds, perhaps thousands, of helical audio recordings made in Alaska 
using Soundscriber SS-124s (helical recorders which capable of recording 
24 hours on a 2 inch tape medium). When we conducted a brief and spotty 
inspection a couple of years ago of the tapes, recorded in the early 
1960s, now stored a warehouse without climate controls, we found that 
many of the tapes showed signs of de-lamination; the oxide coating is 
flaking off of the base of many tapes. I'm trying to get ahead of the 
curve and was wondering if anybody here could point me to literature, or 
offer advice, on consolidating magentic audio tape oxide coatings?

Thanks in advance.

--greg schmitz

Greg Schmitz
Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association (AMIPA)
Anchorage, Alaska
greg /at/

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