Thanks Shai,

I've been using paper leader on "short start" reels here in order to get the head and tail of the program when transferring and, in some cases, just to "pad" certain tapes in order to cut down on end deformation and deterioration in storage.  Many were wound on slotted hub reels and leadering the hub wound end is cheaper and more efficient than ordering slotless reels for archiving.  I've preferred the paper leader partly due to the static charge issues.  So far I've tried National Recording Supplies in Brooklyn, NY and Tape Makers Ltd. in Westbury, NY with no luck.  

I reckon I'm gonna have to resort to chopping up bulked scrap tape to use in place of true leader.  Anyone got opinions on this practice?

Best!  :-)


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Found one. Still has the 3m seal at the beginning.

בתאריך 24/07/13 11:39 PM, ציטוט Shai Drori:
> I should have a roll or 2 NOS around here somewhere. Why?
> Shai
> בתאריך 24/07/13 9:55 PM, ציטוט Martin Fisher:
>> Anybody got any leads on 1/4  Inch paper leader??
>> Thanks!  :-)
>> Martin

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