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On 7/2/2013 7:08 PM, Donald Clarke wrote:
> Last week a European friend wanted some info available in a book I happened to have; I didn't want to copy-type several pages, so I went to a FedEx shop to have copies made, and the kid there made a great show of looking in the book to see that it was copyrighted (duhh) and refused me service. Information? Fair use? Review purposes? The kids at FedEx are being trained not to be able to use their own judgement so that FedEx can cover their asses because American copyright law is a shambles.

Several years ago I went into a shop to have some copies made of a small music book. The clerk was adamant that because the book was copyrighted, they couldn't do it. I pointed out that the notice read "Copyright 1993 by Paul J. Stamler", and that I was in fact Paul J. Stamler, making copies of my own book to sell on consignment. It took a lot of arguing and the intervention of the store manager before they finally consented to print it.

A few months ago I was doing restoration work on a Symphony by Gardner Read. The Fleisher Collection has a copy of the score (it is unpublished). I asked for photocopies of the first and last pages of each movement to assist me in pitching. They refused, saying it was a copyright violation. I pointed them to the law and several University websites which supported my fair use request. They didn't seem impressed.