I mentioned before on this forum that
I've used Sonic Foundryâ€

I mentioned before on this forum that
I've used Sonic Foundry’s software going back to 1996. I was most
interested in their newly released “CD Architect” because it was
the only affordable CD burning software at the time that would let
you to create a new track in a live recording to identify songs
without having to insert the requisite 2 seconds of silence. The
package (including a SCSI external 2X CD burner) came with Sound
Forge 3.5 which has been a love/hate relationship over the years but,
since it has always been good bang for the buck, I have continued to
upgrade it.

Yesterday, I received notice from Sony
Software that Sound Forge 11 was now available for upgrade at a
special introductory price and I jumped right on it only to find out
(after spending my money) that it only works with Windows 7/Vista.
Being an XP user, this means that I would have to open a financial
sinkhole and change out the OS on 4, maybe 6 PC's. I have
nothing against Win. 7, it's just that I'm a happy XP user and
suspect that Win. XP will serve me just fine for the next 5 years or
so, long after it has been abandoned by Microsoft. I'm well aware that the
migration to newer operating systems is inevitable but it irks me to
keep having to throw my hard earned money at it.

So, it's so long Sony after 17 years
and I think its time I start throwing my hard earned money in the direction of
open-source software.

Corey Bailey Audio Engineering