Hi Richard,
A more accurate approximate date would have been ca.1940, but it is still surprising to discover that both Edison and Dictaphone stopped production of phonograph cylinders as late as 1950 in favour of recordable belts and discs. Eventually of course magnetic tapes took over the market, but we have cylinders from the 1950's that were used for anthropological field recordings.   

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Hi, Jonathan,

My only reaction was OMG was someone actually manufacturing and flogging this as late as 1950?????  I guess I would have thought that production ended on this stuff earlier.

Wow, I am amazed.



On 2013-07-02 11:21 AM, Jonathan Wise wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Would anyone be kind enough to provide me with an approximate value of a set of Edison Voice Writers (ca.1950) for cylinder recording, listening, and shaving (for re-recording). Apparently all are in cabinets and in good condition.
> Image here:
> Many thanks,
> Jonathan

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