Hi Tom,

"and more importantly using a spindle clamp like what KAB sells."

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents here.  Using a spindle clamp does have its merits but don't forget to work out a way to center the disc....EVERY disc....before transfer.  I use enough mats to raise the record above the spindle then use a weight instead of a clamp.  

Also, although I DO NOT OWN ONE, I recommended and set up a Stanton ST.150, the one with the "S" tone arm, for a friend to use in a transfer lab environment.  They are delighted with the performance so far.  This turntable has many features that are potentially useful to the serious transfer engineer such as +/-8, 25, & 50 % speed deviation.  The deck is continuously variable in all three modes.  Also there is a reverse mode.  I do not advocate playing records backward for obvious reasons but I've found benefits regarding preparing certain cold cut lacquers for transfer.  It's too lengthy to motivate a typed explanation here.  Again, I do not own one of these but would like to have the chance to do a more lengthy evaluation and would like to hear from others who have had experience with them.  

Best!  :-)