He's had this record up for at least two years.  Remember that he is in
Yalta, Ukraine, with no understanding of what record values really are,
and an alternate understanding of what First Edition means. He used to
have a photo of the labels from both sides -- proving it can't be a 1902
pressing!  When we discussed this on 78-L afew years ago, several
listers came up with their own copies, so it is not a unique copy!  I
wonder how many on this list have it in their personal or institutional
collections.  He has a dreadful condition copy of Parlophone With the
Beatles up for $1,699.99 which might be what it would have cost in Yalta
in 1964!  But, especially in this condition, it's worth $5 now, even
though it has the misspelling "Gotta".  

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]

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But at least the shipping is free


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> And for that you don't even get a photo of the whole disc!!!! Get a clue
> people....
> MF
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