Dear All,

I agree with Tom's comment.

For example, SASI HDD infrastructure is now difficult to find. Each media has good and drawback as well. Optical media that has been discussed in this topics, the number of the players/recorders have not decreased even after tablet PC was introduced in 2008. From this standpoint, obsolescence risk is minimum since this is the widest format ever. (approx 5 time larger than VHS)

3-2-1 concept and media selection fits to each organizations' strategy and size should be the best plan for long time archiving, I think.

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Hi Don:

Can you explain your comment?

As I interpret it, you are saying that "bits is bits" is subhect to some sort of "telephone game" 
effect? Can you explain and provide some scientific basis for your statements?

As I interpret Richard's comment, "bits is bits" means that what medium is used to store the bits is less relevant because bit "fidelity" is cross-platform and not subject to specific media problems like analog signals were. However, bit integrity must be retained platform-to-platform. There are built-in algorhythms to insure this, but screwing up the bits can create unfixable problems, so many copies in many places of anything valuable is the best plan.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 08/07/2013, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>> We are now past the age of dedicated formats for most things and if we
>> are not we should be. It's all just bits and we should be dealing with
>> the bits. It's the only thing that will really be supported going
>> forward.
> So, basically a digital version of the word-of-mouth transmission that
> prevailed before the invention of writing.
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