It will be interesting to watch the customer push-back as the date approaches at Microsoft. A very large percentage of corporate America (we're talking Fortune 500 companies here) are still running Win XP on hundreds of thousands of desktop PC's.

As for the dedicated audio transfer stations in my studio, they are later series Pentium 4's running Win XP, SP3 with more RAM than XP can use. They are plenty fast enough for multiple audio tracks at any sample rate & bit depth. I also have a legacy (Pentium III, Slot 1) that runs Win 2K Pro and connects to the internet when needed with no problems. 

Macs are great computers. I work with them all of the time (5 days a week).They are some of the best built, most thought out systems available. Apple however, is is the planned obsolescence business like so many others.

If one is only using a PC for productivity, Linux is an excellent, very stable, alternative. There is enough open source software out there for almost anything you need or want to do and, it's free!However, for those of us with considerable hardware investments, the lack of AISO drivers for Linux is a real problem.


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Hi Tom,

If you or anyone is still using WinXP you should really try to be rid of it within the next nine months. That's when Microsoft will remove all support, which most importantly means security support, for XP:

"After April 8, 2014, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates..."

If anyone's XP equipment talks to a network in any way, you'll want to replace it, upgrade the OS, or keep it entirely disconnected from the Internet from that time forward.  I can only imagine the security holes the hacker community is keeping in their pockets until April 9, 2014.  You really don't want to find out what those might be.

Personally I'm also a big advocate of Macs as well, enhanced security being one significant benefit.

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> To be honest, if I had the funds to get rid of all the legacy WinXP aspects of my studio, I'd go Mac today. 

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