Hi Dave,  I just had the time to check my SACD RCA Victor "Living Stereo" remastering of Munch and the Boston Symphony, and sure enough it kicks in at 6:33 toward the end of the second movement.  My next checkout of the low end of my system is to play back a file I made of Robert Elmore's recording of "Boardwalk Pipes" before I sold it on eBay.  So little time and so much to hear.  By the way, since you're seemingly into low sounds, I'm going to share a couple of files via  I got on to the service through sharing files with Don Ososke and Richard Hess. They had been using it for a while, and it's FREE!  After you get these, I'll send one from my own remasterings that they seemed enjoy,  Let me know.


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Hi Rod

If you really want to put your new subwoofer to the test, listen to the SACD of Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony with Eschenbach and Philadelphia on Ondine. It is the only recording I've heard where you can hear the 32 foot entry near the end of the second movement, (I consider this a four movement symphony). 


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> Hi Tom.  You posted an opinion about eBay and its downsides:
> "Regarding eBay, my approach these days is to try and avoid it because they've made it so seller-hostile. Plus the ripoff fees at every turn.
> But, if I have to use it, I put stuff up with the price I want to get. People can pay it or I can wait for another time to sell. In some cases, I've gotten a good bit more than I expected, but I usually do buy-it-now because that allows for impulse purchases if my photos and description sell the item well enough. I refuse to mess with ebay for anything valued less than $50 and usually it's $100 or more. Too much PITA."
> What you say is may be true for you, but I'll answer your point of view with mine after I re-post your further statements:
> "I can't understand how people can make money listing records for $5.99 buy-it-now, then having to deal with packing and shipping and taking a hit from eBay and Paypal so their net is 10+% less than their actual selling prices. They must have much time on their hands or have kids who do the packing and shipping for food and a roof."
> Even though I don't have kids to do the work, I've enjoyed enough profit to buy my $500 Yamaha tuner/amplifier to which I'm listening right now with beautiful streaming surround sound music via "All Classical Portland (Oregon)".  And yes, I do list reel to reel tapes for $5.99 or even less, but many times these will go to the same bidder, so my overall is combined into one shipment for them.  I'm set up with bubble envelopes, boxes and packing items to do it all easily and quickly, so I ship after payment via PayPal in one to two days. The shipping postage is almost automatic through the tie up with PayPal and eBay, so I find it all very easy.  It's almost like watching a horse race to see people start to bid, and the price escalate, so that's a bit of fun, too.  My process which began when my wife commented as to my old recordings just sitting on my shelves gathering dust (actually, I dust and vacuum at least once a month).  And yes, I do have
> enough spare time to do that and also read all the posting via ARSCLIST which we all know takes up quite a bit of our days.  Anyway, I find the process fun and easy, since I've been an eBayer for quite a number of years and enjoyed sharing my library with others who have "my good taste" in music and recordings  : >)  Many times I get messages thanking me for making these older recordings available and how we enjoy the same artists and composers. So, for me, its all good and fun, a hobby as it were, and with which I'm about to buy a Pioneer subwoofer from Costco with my latest largess from my loyal bidders.  Thanks to ARSCLIST, I was put on to the Virgil Fox RCA SACD organ recording that people say has some excellent low end pedal notes, so I'll be ready when it gets here.
>   And with that Tom, I bid you, good day.  What's that about "One man's poison......?  Just to make sure you don't take this personally, I/we truly value your points of view and wonderful knowledge that informs us all so well.  Rod