> From: Karen Coyle


Hi Karen -  Several of us have been working on Draft 2 of the BIBFRAME
Annotation Model (Draft 2 will be still a work in progress) and we hope to
have it available for review in a few weeks. There are still some areas of
debate, within the group working on this, but given the question you've
asked I do want to give you a heads-up:


There will be no claim of conformance to or compatibility with OAM. 


So in particular:


> In section 6 of the BF annotation document [1] there is only one entry

> under "Subproperty of":


>      bf:annotates ->  subPropertyOf -> oa:hasTarget


This no longer applies.


I hope to have more to say on all of this very soon.  I will say this
though: Much of the changes in draft 2 respond directly to the criticisms of
and confusion over controversial areas of draft 1.  In particular, there are
a few areas where we feel that BIBFRAME Annotations are fundamentally
different from web annotations large, and there was strong criticism from
OAM to the effect of "if you are not going to conform to our model, don't
pretend that you do". So we won't.