In our transformation service, ISSN _is_ at the Instance level, and ISSN-l is at the Work level:

In the vocab document, ISSN-L is properly set to domain=Work:
But I see that ISSN is currently not constrained to instance: ,  I agree the domain should be "Instance"; will update the vocab.

All serials comments welcome.


Nate Trail
Library of Congress
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Hello again, F-X,

I'm trying to catch up on my email before leaving for a slightly longer than usual weekend.  

Perhaps you saw my answer to this question, which was to ask for clarification about "secondary" ISSN. The answer was that the writer wanted to include the ISSN for the specific medium of the instance, as well as the linking ISSN.  

As I mentioned in my reply, it is clear that further work is needed concerning serials.  Sally McCallum is aware of this but our serials sub-group has only met once and does not have a regular meeting schedule, which concerns me. I learned at ALA that this is a concern of others--including Eric Miller whom I talked with there. We will be discussing how to advance the work with serials. I will also suggest that we must include ISSN at the instance level.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. There is so much "traffic" on the BIBFRAME list that it is difficult to keep up with it, especially at busy times.


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with "secondary ISSN" I mean the ISSN that must be assigned to additional editions of the same serial, as specified at

"The print version of my publication is already assigned. Should I request a distinct ISSN for the online version ?
Yes, each separate edition (print, online, CD-ROM…) on a different medium should have its own ISSN, the title being identical or not. "

Publishers create serial identifiers for "a separate edition on a different medium", so I think it could be useful to define a Bibframe property for the publisher's identifiers for serials.

Thanks in advance for a Bibframe solution!

Best regards,


Am 02.07.13 22:22, schrieb Reynolds, Regina:
> Jorg,
> Can you clarify what you mean by "assign a secondary ISSN to instances of a work?" Do you mean that you would want to apply the specific ISSN assigned to each version (print, online) to the particular instance to which it pertained, in addition to the linking ISSN that is appropriate to the work/expression?
> Thanks for any explanation of your comment that you can provide.
> Regina Romano Reynolds
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> Subject: [BIBFRAME] Question about serials/articles (was: Re: Changing 
> BIBFRAME for more flexibility without losing library data meaning)
> Thanks, Eric. I enjoy the examples very much.
> Is anyone working on representing articles / serials descriptions in Bibframe, especially from non-MARC sources?
> I would love to assign a secondary ISSN to instances of a work, not only a linking ISSN "issn-l" to a work like specified in or - will this be possible?
> Is it expected that more detailed bibliographic citation properties will be added to Bibframe, or should I better use PRISM and FABIO (FRBR-aligned ontology) for creating article references to get them published as Bibframe Work with rdf:type?
> Best regards,
> Jörg
> Am 30.06.13 14:12, schrieb Eric Miller:
>> I think you may find the following initial set of test cases useful - 
>> These test cases reflect (in part) 
>> data related to a growing set of communication use cases that are 
>> designed to illustrate some of the modeling design decisions and 
>> requirements we (the community) are grappling with. Going forward, my 
>> hope is to leverage such test cases as a way to better capture 
>> community issues and level set some of our discussion so that we 
>> might be more effective in terms of reaching consensus (or at least 
>> capturing discourse). -- Eric Miller President, Zepheira "The Art of 
>> Data" tel:+1.617.395.0229