Thanks Mike. As I just mentioned to Stephanie, a group of us came to the same conclusion at code4lib 2012. Did you end up modifying the chronam code to convert the TIFF to JPG when batches are loaded? Or did you did you do the conversion outside of chronam?


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I ran into this issue last year. I found that using standard jpgs or pngs with that standard image library renders image sufficiently fast with chronam and that is what we use on our site.


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We have just begun our attempts to install/use Chronam and have a question about the JPEG 2000 image handler. It looks like the software is dependent on Aware's JPEG 2000 library/SDK.

Does LC have a license to allow the use of the SDK?  Is everyone else going this route?  (We've requested information about using it, but if it's costly we're interested in trying to make this work in an open source way--even if that means serving a different type of image).

Thanks very much!

Stephanie Williams
North Carolina Digital Heritage Center