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Office of Scientific and Technical Information
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We hope you enjoy Issue 5<> of the Newsletter<>.
What are CrossRef and FundRef, and how do these publisher partnerships assist the initiative to make scientific publications publicly accessible<>? What is the difference between Science Accelerator and SciTech Connect<>? How does bring research results from around the globe to DOE researchers<>? Where can you find a guide to DOE scientific and technical information resources<>? How can you get quick access to DOE power grid R&D<>? You can find answers to these questions and much more in Issue 5<>.

Issue Contents
July/August 2013

*         OSTI Partnering with Publishers on CrossRef and FundRef<>

*         OSTI's Catalogue of Collections<>

*         Statistically Speaking - Web Traffic to OSTI's DOE Collections<>

* A Global Science Gateway Fostering International Collaboration<>

*         2013 STIP Working Meeting<>

*         Meet Judy Gilmore<>

*         Eleanor Frierson: A Tribute to the Grande Dame of Government Science Information Partnerships<>

*         What is a Federated Search?<>

*         What is the Difference between Science Accelerator and SciTech Connect?<>

*         Search Tip: Finding DOE-sponsored STI in SciTech Connect<>

*         DOE Science Showcase - Power Grid Research<>
The Department of Energy conducts more than $10 billion a year in research and development. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information<> (OSTI) helps ensure a return on these DOE investments by collecting, preserving and disseminating DOE-sponsored R&D results.
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Walt Warnick, OSTI Director