The MOD Editorial Committee and the Library of Congress is pleased to announce that a new incremental version of MODS, version 3.5, is now available on the MODS website at: 

This revision is backwards compatible to version 3.4 and therefore only includes changes that do not result in invalidating existing MODS records. A new major revision of MODS to make more substantive changes is currently under discussion. MODS implementers may want to use this revised version to take advantage of its new features. The changes are as follows: 

Added attribute @unit in mods:extent.  This change makes the extent element more granular by separating units from extent.
Added rfc5646 as value for <language><languageTerm> . Enumerated values reflect earlier standards; RFC5646 has superceded RFC4646.
Added @altFormat and @contentType attributes to <titleInfo>, <abstract>, <tableOfContents> and <accessCondition>.  This change allows for embedding HTML in MODS, linking with @altRepGrp, and indicating the format of the alternative encoding.
Added @eventType under <originInfo> to indicate production, publication, distribution, manufacture. This attribute allows for indicating what type of event the statement of originInfo relates to, e.g. production, publication, distribution, manufacture, or some other event.
Added @typeURI on <identifier>, <note>, and <physicalDescripton>/<note>. This change allows for indicating that a type is in the form of a URI.
Added @generator on <classification>. The value of this attribute indicates that the classification number was automatically generated and, if appropriate, how.
Added<etal> element, a subelement of <name> . The <etal> subelement is added to the list of <name> subelements to indicate that there are one or more names that, for whatever reason, cannot be explicitily included in another name element.
Added @otherType to <titleInfo> element. This allows for designating another type value for titleInfo that is not on the list of types enumerated in the schema. 
For further information and examples see: Revised versions of the MODS User Guidelines, the MARC to MODS mapping, and the XSLT conversion that incorporate the 3.5 changes will be available on the MODS web site soon.

Please direct any comments or questions on the MODS 3.5 Schema, or MODS/MADS developments in general, to the MODS Listserv <>.  


Rebecca Squire Guenther
Chair, MODS Editorial Committee
Library of Congress
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
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