The 4XXs do not HAVE to be differentiated from each other, but you may if 
you consider it important for identification.  If the dates of expression 
are different, I think that seems like the easiest element to use to 
differentiate them.  add $f with date to each 4XX

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On Fri, 12 Jul 2013, Wayne Richter wrote:

> I have a situation where there are two completely different works (with different titles) by the same author with the same translated title. In creating the NAR there shouldn't be any problem with 4XXs matching but should there be another way to distinguish them?  In addition to the different original titles the 046 $ks would be different. The original works are VERY different: one is a multi-volume comprehensive history of a specific period and the other is a very brief pictorial overview of the entire history such as might be found in a short encyclopedia entry. In addition to the different original titles the 046 $ks would be different.
> Should I just leave the 2 NARs with matching 4XXs or should I try to distinguish them further? RDA NARs make it pretty clear the expressions represent 2 different works.
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