I’ve got what I hope is an easy RDA question.


I’m cataloging “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” 4th edition.  The first two editions of this book had the title “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” (note difference between ampersand and “and”).  The slight title change occurred as of the third edition, as recorded in its LC record (2011-014480), which includes a note and an added name-title entry for the previous edition, as per AACR2.


LC has also cataloged the 4th edition, in RDA (2013-010132).  In this record there is no reference to, or access point for, the title the first two editions had.  But as I remember from training, new editions with differing titles are seen in RDA as additional expressions of a single work, and thus require work AAPs based on the original title of the work.  I can’t find explicit instructions for this in RDA, however.  And, of course, the title has not changed since the immediately previous edition, the third.  Maybe that makes a difference.


Am I correct in what I remember?  Should the record for the 4th edition have a 240 which is, or is based on, the original title of the book (with “and” and without ampersand)?   Should there be a note in the record about the title variation? 




Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University