Dear BIBCO colleagues,

We are cataloging a book "Security and privacy in communication networks". On the title page, below the title, there are lines of a conference "8th International ICST Conference, SecureComm 2012, Padua, Italy, September 3-5, 2012". And on the Page I (also series title page): Lecture notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering  106. 

 I checked online. On the Website, the conference is listed: SecureComm 2012, 8th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks
September 3–5, 2012 Padua, Italy 

Here are the questions:

1. Should preferred conference name be SecureComm or International ICST Conference? (Based on RDA Conventional Name Exception: "Conferences, congresses, meetings, etc. If different forms of a conference’s name appear in the preferred source of information, choose a form of the name that includes the name (or abbreviation of the name) of the associated body." Seems International ICST Conference would be more appropriate. But there are other 3 established conference names under SecureComm. In addition, the ICST isn't listed anywhere on the SecureComm Website. I checked ICST's Website, in the coming event, it lists SecureComm 2013 with the link to SecureComm 2013 Website. No info about SecureComm 2012 can be found in the ICST Website)

2. If  SecureComm can be used as preferred name, should we use "SecureComm 2012 ǂd (2012 : ǂc Padua, Italy)" or "SecureComm ǂd (2012 : ǂc Padua, Italy)"? Among 3 other established headings, one is established for the series conference under SecureComm. The other 2 are for SecureComm 2006 ǂd (2006 : ǂc Baltimore, Md.) and SecureComm 2007 ǂd (2007 : ǂc Nice, France). The year is added as part of the preferred name. I think that makes sense for the indexing if user just search SecureComm 2012 as a phrase. However, RDA Number or Year of Convocation of a Conference, Etc. "Omit from the name of a conference, etc., indications of its number, or year or years of convocation, etc. Apply this instruction to the name of a congress, meeting, exhibition, fair, festival, etc., and to the name of a conference, etc., treated as a subordinate body (see"  So should it be SecureComm 2012 or just SecureComm. Also  I wonder whether "treated as a subordinate body" is just for the conference, or also including other cases mentioned before the name of a conference? (Based on the RDA example, seems it only refers to the conference.)

3. If International ICST Conference should be listed as a preferred name, should we use "International ICST Conference" or "Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. $b International Conference"? Based on RDA Non-Governmental Body with Name That Includes the Entire Name of the Higher or Related Body, seems only a name that includes the entire name of the higher or related body should be considered to use the rule. If so, International ICST Conference would be more appropriate?

Thanks for any help!