All this true stuff said, let us not forget that most organizations should be treated as such, and not as places.  (In other words, just because someone works at University X doesn't mean that University X should be in the 370 field—though the place in which University X is located might be.)  To put it all into perspective, here's a fun case which, in all fairness, is probably just simply rather than misconceived.  Alhough (of course!) this 370 isn't supported by information elsewhere in the record, it's still a good guess that the person works here, and wasn't born here:


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I think it’s OK to use Karlag (Concentration Camp) in 370. I have an email from Dave Reser (who I hope won’t mind my taking his name in vain) from  February 2012, during the course of a discussion of 370 and non-jurisdictional place names, in which he says: