LC created that authority record, and also cataloged series 1 (78016687) and series 3 (2009023125) with the 245 $n and $p that you noticed on most titles in OCLC.   Series 2 differs from the other two in that the individual volumes have distinctive titles, thus justifying treatment as a analyzed multi-part item.  

(This is a little murkier than it might be because LC created a record for series 2 as well (98026125).  Their policy has evolved; just before they gave up series authority work they would do either an authority record  or a bibliographic record for a multi-part item, in the past they sometimes did both, and now that they don't do series authority work there is probably less consistency in when they see something as a 4XX and when they see it as part of the title of the individual volume.)

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Amy Turner

Monographic Cataloger and Authority Control Coordinator
Duke University Libraries

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I've been cataloging The Frederick Douglass papers, published by Yale, which consists of 3 "series" each containing several separate books.  I have chosen to use OCLC bib record # 39290009 for the second series within the papers.  I noticed while searching OCLC that most titles put The Frederick Douglass papers in the 245 field, with subfields n and p providing more specificity.  However, there is one book in the second series called My Bondage and My Freedom (OCLC # 51900353), which has only that as the title proper, while The Frederick Douglass papers is in a 490/830.  There is a series authority record (ARN # 5998264) for it, but no corresponding auth records for series 1 and 3.  I'm just wondering about the appropriateness of this authority record.  Maybe there's something I'm just not understanding here, and if anyone can explain it to me, I would feel very enlightened.

Chris Fox
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