Indeed, they are different works:


1001 Byrd, William, ǂd 1539 or 1540-1623.

24510Psalmes, sonets, and songs : ǂb 1588.

260  London : ǂb Stainer & Bell, ǂc 1948.

300  1 score (xxxvi, 215 p.) ; ǂc 26 cm.

4901 The collected vocal works of William Byrd ; ǂv v. 12

50500ǂg Psalms. ǂt O Lord, give ear ; ǂt Mine eyes with fervency ; ǂt My soul oppressed with care ; ǂt How shall a young man? ; ǂt O Lord, how long wilt thou forget ; ǂt O Lord, who in thy sacred tent ; ǂt Help, Lord, for wasted are those men ; ǂt Blessed is he that fears the Lord ; ǂt Lord, in thy wrath ; ǂt Even from the depth -- ǂg Sonnets and pastorals. ǂt I joy not in no earthly bliss ; ǂt Though Amaryllis dance in green ; ǂt Who likes to love ; ǂt My mind to me a kingdom is ; ǂt Where fancy fond ; ǂt O you that hear this voice ; ǂt If women could be fair ; ǂt Ambitious love ; ǂt What pleasures have great princes? ; ǂt As I beheld I saw a herdman ; ǂt Although the heathen poets ; ǂt In fields abroad ; ǂt Constant Penelope ; ǂt La virginella ; ǂt Farewell, false love ; ǂt The match that's made -- ǂg Songs of sadness and piety. ǂt Prostrate, O Lord, I lie ; ǂt All as a sea ; ǂt Susanna fair ; ǂt If that a sinner's sighs ; ǂt Care for thy soul ; ǂt Lullaby, my sweet little baby ; ǂt Why do I use my paper, ink, and pen? -- ǂg The funeral songs of Sir Philip Sidney. ǂt Come to me, grief, for ever ; ǂt O that most rare breast.



1001 Byrd, William, ǂd 1539 or 1540-1623.

24510Psalmes, songs, and sonnets : ǂb 1611.

260  London : ǂb Stainer & Bell, ǂc 1949.

300  1 score (xvi, 239 p.) ; ǂc 26 cm.

4901 The collected vocal works of William Byrd ; ǂv v. 14


50500ǂg Songs of three parts. ǂt The eagle's force ; ǂt Of flattering sppech ; ǂt In winter cold : the first part ; ǂt Whereat an ant : the second part ; ǂt Who looks may leap ; ǂt Sing ye to our Lord ; ǂt I have been young ; ǂt In crystal towers -- ǂg Songs of four parts. ǂt This sweet and merry month ; ǂt Let not the sluggish sleep ; ǂt A feigned friend ; ǂt Awake, mine eyes ; ǂt Come, jolly swains ; ǂt What is life? ; ǂt Fantazia (for strings) ; ǂt Come let us rejoice -- ǂg Songs of five parts. ǂt Retire, my soul ; ǂt Arise, Lord, into thy rest ; ǂt Come, woeful Orpheus ; ǂt Sing we merrily unto God : the first part ; ǂt Blow up the trumpet : the second part ; ǂt Crowned with flowers ; ǂt Wedded to will is witless ; ǂt Make ye joy to God -- ǂg Songs of six parts. ǂt Have mercy upon me ; ǂt Fantazia (for strings) ; ǂt This day Christ was born ; ǂt O God, that guides the cheerful sun ; ǂt Praise our Lord, all ye Gentiles ; ǂt Turn our captivity ; ǂt Ah, silly soul : S. (solo) with strings ; ǂt How vain the toils : S. (solo) with strings.



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I've just come across authority records for William Byrd with "$t Psalmes, sonets, and songs" and others with "$t Psalms, songs, and sonnets"  Both records have 040 $e rda.

Is one of these correct and the other incorrect?  or are both correct?

Based on a quick look at the authority records and Grove's Dictionary:
- Psalmes, Sonets and Songs, published in London in 1588
- Psalmes, Songs and Sonnets, published in London in 1611

Byrd experts may want to weigh in here.

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