We're establishing someone who died in the Karlag concentration camp in Kazakhstan in 1943. Concentration camps are treated as corporate 110 entities by LC, and RDA specifies that a place of death (370 $b) should be a "town, city, province, state, or country." That seems to rule out specifying the camp as the place of death. Affiliation (373 $a) on the other hand is defined more loosely than the name would suggest. My reading is that we could specify (sidestepping the question of the form of name in the 373--in our source it's in Icelandic):

370 $b Kazakhstan
373 $a Karlag (Concentration camp) $t 1943

Still, I'd rather put the camp in 370 $b. The RDA Glossary defines "Place" as "A location identified by a name." Am I reading RDA's enumerated definition of "place of death" too narrowly? 



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