I think it’s OK to use Karlag (Concentration Camp) in 370. I have an email from Dave Reser (who I hope won’t mind my taking his name in vain) from  February 2012, during the course of a discussion of 370 and non-jurisdictional place names, in which he says:


“We agree that not all 'places' are jurisdictions-- one of the first records our RDA catalogers needed to do was for someone born in the Auschwitz Concentation Camp-- caused us to reach the conclusion about 'places' defined rather broadly right away.”


I note that “Auschwitz“(Concentration Camp)” now occurs in 370 in 6 NARs:


n  90611635

n 2010072606

n 2010066815

n 2012073694

n 2002055629

n  80058472


On the basis of these discussions, and examples raised by our cataloguers, we included the following in the BL Guide to RDA Name Authority Records:


“New Data Elements

    370 – Associated Places

        Associated Place – General



Often, non-jurisdictional "places" are tagged by NACO convention as corporate bodies. Examples: airports, ships, concentration camps.
So in spite of the tagging, if an entity is a place, it may be used in the 370 field. So the authority record for a person born in Auschwitz Concentration Camp may have:


   370 |a Auschwitz (Concentration camp)

or someone born on an ocean liner might have:

   370 |a Queen Mary 2 (Ship)”

I think this is one of those cases where the RDA glossary definition needs to be tweaked in the light of experience (as was done for Profession or Occupation).







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We're establishing someone who died in the Karlag concentration camp in Kazakhstan in 1943. Concentration camps are treated as corporate 110 entities by LC, and RDA specifies that a place of death (370 $b) should be a "town, city, province, state, or country." That seems to rule out specifying the camp as the place of death. Affiliation (373 $a) on the other hand is defined more loosely than the name would suggest. My reading is that we could specify (sidestepping the question of the form of name in the 373--in our source it's in Icelandic):


370 $b Kazakhstan

373 $a Karlag (Concentration camp) $t 1943


Still, I'd rather put the camp in 370 $b. The RDA Glossary defines "Place" as "A location identified by a name." Am I reading RDA's enumerated definition of "place of death" too narrowly? 







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