Hi all,

We have a question about how to RDA-ify a NAR with "Language A & Language B" in subfield l.  We've read the guidelines and understand them in theory, but this is the first one we've done, so we're having trouble figuring out how it works out in practice.

My AACR2 AR (with the 667 telling me I can't use it under RDA till I fix it) is this type:

100 1  Name. $t Poems. $k Selections. $l French & Spanish
400 1 Name. $t Title from 245

We know we have to create two new ARs and ask LC to delete the old one, but we're unsure about what the two new ones should look like, particularly the 400s, and also what (if any) impact this has on the bib record that this AR was created for.  (We are changing this record not because we are cataloging/recataloging that book, but because we changed the form of the personal name and now are doing the up-the-chain/down-the-chain updating and RDA-ifying).

Is this what our two new ARs should look like?

Record #1:
100 1  Name. $t Poems. $k Selections
400 1  Name. $t Title from 245

Record #2:
100 1  Name. $t Poems. $k Selections. $l French
400 1  Name. $t Title from 245

So that both 400s go back to the same title (which was the parallel edition)?  Or are those 400s unnecessary?  Do we need records with 100s and no 400s?

Meanwhile, do we have to go back to the bib record for the piece the AR was created for in the first place and change the access points so they are backed by the new ARs we have just created?

Thanks for any help/guidance.


Rich Murray
Metadata Librarian
Catalog Librarian for Spanish & Portuguese Languages
Duke University Libraries
Durham, North Carolina
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