670 note on 130 Uniform title record:  Originally published in Journal of homosexuality, v. 7, no. 4, summer 1982)

Is there an appropriate field for recording the originally published title, vol, date information in a coded formal way?

672 seems to be an appropriate place, but when I look at the Field Definition and Scope, I find the following:   Citation for a work that is related in some manner to the entity represented by the 100<>, 110<>, 111<> or 151<> field in the authority record.

130 is not included in the list of fields to which this field may relate.  Is there a reason why 130 is excluded?  Is there another place that is more appropriate? Since it is a single issue of a journal, I don't see 530 as appropriate, unless only the title of the serial is included in the 530.

Judy Knop
ATLA NACO Funnel Coordinator