I’ve read through these. Many thanks to the authors for a comprehensive an excellent piece of work. We might change and add some examples for our purposes here, but nothing else. Just a few comments:


Module 1


Slide 180: The instruction and examples contradict the example in DCM:Z1, where the parentheses are replaced with a comma, in the same way as for jurisdictions– “370 |a Whidbey Island, Wash. |2 lcsh”. Same comment for Module 2, Slide 50.


Module 2


Slide 8 – it would be useful if there were a relationship designator to express the relationship between Jessic Fletcher (the character) and Angela Lansbury (the actress who plays her).  


Slide 68 – the example given would already have been recoded to RDA in Phase II.


Module 4


Slide 4 – “Corporate bodies are coded in X10” should read “Corporate bocies are coded in X11 or X11” (the first example of X11 occurs in slide 10).


Slide 92 – in both 510 fields, “Mergee” should be “Predecessor”. In RDA K.4.3, a “mergee” is “a corporate body that merged with the other corporate body to form a third”, and in all the cases shown, “the other corporate body” means the body to which a relationship is being recorded. In the example in the slide, Bell Atlantic Corporation and GTE Corporation have the relationship “mergee” to each other – not to Verizon.






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Hi everyone,


I am happy to announce the posting of the new NACO Training Materials on the Cataloger's Learning Workshop page:


These are the instructor Power Point presentations and trainee authority worksheets.


The training modules were created and tested by the RDA NACO Program Training Workshop Task Group, under the chairmanship of Lori Robare, University of Oregon. The members of the task group were Michael Colby (University of California--Davis), Joanna Dyla (Stanford University), Fang Gao (Government Printing Office), Robert Maxwell (Brigham Young University), Mark Scharff (Washington University), and Adam Schiff (University of Washington).


The Task Group recommends that the training materials be released in a soft launch to allow for further feedback over the next few months and possible revision based on that feedback.


Please report any feedback on the training modules to [log in to unmask].




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