The PCC is looking for volunteers for a small “quick action” task group to help reorganize PCC RDA documentation.  The PCC Policy Committee is well aware that PCC RDA policy has been documented in a variety of ways, including in LC-PCC PSs, written manuals and guidelines, task group reports, powerpoint slides, and even FAQ answers.  We are ready to move ahead by creating a plan for a more consistent way to communicate current policies and practices.


So we are looking for people who love to organize documentation and who have ideas for improvement that the PCC could consider.  If you are interested in participating in this effort, please send an expression of interest to [log in to unmask] by August 2.  The group will be formed after that date.  The group will work by conference call and email, and will be finished by the end of October.


Our objective will be to prepare a short report that will form a basic workplan, outlining steps that can be taken (1) to improve access to documentation, and (2) to systematize the documentation itself.  Some will be short-term steps and easy fixes, and some may be more long-term goals.  This workplan/report will be presented at the November PCC Policy Committee meeting for their information and discussion.  If easy and obvious steps can be taken sooner, they can be addressed by PoCo in advance of the report via email.


In other words, the group will come up with a vision of how PCC RDA documentation would best be organized, and will then outline what it will take to get there.  The group will not actually do the re-organizing.  The group also will not re-design the PCC web site (which has higher level governance through LC processes), nor will it be expected to identify or resolve conflicting policy statements.


I hope this sparks some interest, and I look forward to hearing from motivated volunteers.


Linda Barnhart

Director, Metadata Services

  and Past Chair, Program for Cooperative Cataloging

UC San Diego Library

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