On 05/08/2013, John Spencer wrote:

> Collective wisdom of the ARSC list,
> I got a message from an archivist friend, and while we haven't tried
> anything ourselves, I thought I would post his message to the list to
> see if anyone had any ideas for recovery.
> Any help is greatly appreciated and I will forward it to him.
> Thanks in advance,
> John Spencer
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> -------------------------------------------------------- I m beginning
> to have some problems with many of the CD-R s that are in the
> collection I work with. Most of theseCD-R s were made from analog
> sources [we thankfully still have them] over 10 years ago, long before
> we had any sort of digital storage system. These CD-R s suffer from a
> variety of jitter/glitches when exported into the computer and many of
> them skip or hang up when played in a CD player. They were all created
> using a stand-alone Sony CDR-W33 burner and the CD-R stock was
> JVC/Taiyo Yuden.
> My current platform is Mac. I ve tried a couple of different CD
> drives, thinking that may make a difference, but no dice. I ve tried
> copying some of them through iTunes using its built-in error
> correction. I ve downloaded MAX-a CD ripper application for Mac that
> uses a version of cdparanoia I ve also tried Pillage, so far nothing
> has made any noticeable difference.
> If you have any thoughts on ways to productively do this, or know of
> anyone who has successfully dealt with a problem like this, please let
> me know.

CD-Rs will fade over a period of years, especially if they were burned
at maximum speed.

This is why, if you ever buy a CD from a company and it turns out to be
a CD-R, you should back it up at once.

Unfortunately I think your discs are useless.

Don Cox
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