On 07/08/2013, Carl Pultz wrote:

> Sure thing, Don. We JH fans are on a mission. (Is Jerry Bruck on this
> list?)
> There doesn't appear to be a Windows version, but what they are trying
> to say is that the disc image that ddrescue creates can be accessed in
> Windows. 

It should be a standard ISO image file.

Do we have any idea what the physical mechanism is in this deterioration? 

The disc looks perfectly normal with no visible damage at all.

I am trying it under the program EAC, which uses a similar retry method.
So far after several hours it has "read" less than 1% of the first
track, so I am not optimistic. This is in a Plextor drive, which should
do retries itself.

Also checking my copies of Symphonies 1 and 6 and a Robert Simpson CD.

Don Cox
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