On 15/08/2013, Tom Fine wrote:

> Hi Donald:
> The only flaw in your logic is, school taxes are higher than ever.
> Blame the bloated administrations, generous pay for the top dogs and
> the teachers unions and their lush, lush contracts for starving all
> manner of learning. 

I think the major cause of increased costs in education is IT. Computers
need staff to maintain them, and new computers, printers, routers, etc
have to be bought regularly. Typically, more is spent on software than
on books.

All this IT spending gets lumped under "administration".

> Public education is funded to a record per-pupil
> level in most districts in the U.S, and yet the quality of learning
> experience is vastly inferior to decades ago. Money isn't the issue,
> at all. It's priorities and values. Parenting is also terrible these
> days, and no one -- at any level -- is willing to take responsibility
> or enforce personal accountability. This is true in all levels of
> society, we are truly a decadent nation right now.

Don Cox
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