I can already hear the grumbling ... "Ohh Uncle Dave glues macaroni to a
paper plate, spray paints it, and wants to share it with the group.."

Nevertheless, I am pretty proud of this. In 1988 -- the fiftieth
anniversary of the "Entartete Kunst" exhibit that toured Germany in 1938 --
I did a live radio piece where I played multiple records of contemporary
music at the same time in sort of a mashup. Admittedly the records were of
later vintage than were used in 1938, but the effect was still the same; at
the original exhibit multiple turntables were set up, and as people played
the records of modern music all at the same time it resulted in a din.

More recently, I posted it as an audio piece after discovering it on an old
radio tape; I had thought it lost. My friend David Thomas Roberts suggested
that I should make a YouTube video for it to make it more accessible
generally. I did, and though the video and audio elements were prepared 25
years apart, they seem to mesh.

This could be an educational tool for those attempting to explain art in
the Nazi Period, or it may be seen as just a horror movie about something
that's not supernatural. "For those who dare..."

Uncle Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH

PS: I know it is "Entartete" and not "Entarte," but I didn't know that in
1988. So I've decided to keep the wrong spelling as the title.