Hi, Unca et al,

I've noticed that records of people with nefarious pasts do better than
average rather than the opposite.  To quote from another recent thread,
"Hitler Lives."  

Steve Smolian

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In general the collectability of anything classical has declined sharply in
the past decade. Powell, however, has been generally forgotten, and those
who are aware of who he is are also aware of his activities as an extreme
right-wing agitator. So top dollar might be out of the question these days;
maybe settle for an offer made by someone who wants them.

Dave Lewis

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> I've just obtained copies of two privately made John Powell 78 sets-  
> Mozart Ssonata , K. 311 (4s) and 3 pieces by Powell (3 12" 78s) and 
> Schumann 's Humoresque . op. 20  (4 78s) . He was a Lescheizky pupil, 
> highly praised, and an American composer well known during his 
> lifetime (1882-1963)
> These were once considered among the most collectible of U.S. piano 
> records.
> In the past, I've sold each set at a price in the lower four figures.
> not heard them mentioned in years.   I couldn't find them in Popsike  Are
> they still so highly regarded or has time applied the soft pedal to 
> their reputation?
> I'll consider offers.
> Steve Smolian