Sad to say, but tapes got tossed all the time. Recording studios tended not to be long-lived 
businesses. Tapes would be in the haphazard "libraries" or "vaults" (ie storage rooms) of the 
studios. Cheapo record companies would not come get their tapes, or pay for shipping. The studios 
would lose their space and everything not gone would go in dumpsters. I know of _MANY_ instances in 
NYC, and I'm sure it's the same everywhere.

That any artist of the 1980s wouldn't have learned enough from past history to take possession of 
their own tapes is another matter. All of the smart bands kept their tapes under pretty tight 
control. When I worked as a summer lackey at Sigma Sound NYC, my main job was running tapes around 
Manhattan, often hand-delivering 24-track and 2-track masters to bands' management companies. The 
dumber bands let their tapes sit in the storage closet known as the "vault." Smarter bands wanted 
their tapes back as soon as an approved master had been made.

-- Tom Fine

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> I have a lot of issues with this story though? Why would these tapes be
> thrown out, and what else went out with them that were NOT rescued?
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