Speaking of Christmas:

My friends Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy Mangsen recorded a 
live CD (John Vengrouski recorded it) in the DC area called "Voices of 
Winter." It was released in 1997. The last selection was a gorgeous 
three-part harmony rendition of "Lo How a Rose ere Blooming" and right 
at the end a church bell, somewhere, rang out--totally unplanned. It is 
a magical recording.

Disclaimer, I do Priscilla's website and it's the second CD down on this 

Alas, it is out of print.



On 2013-08-02 8:21 PM, Dave Burnham wrote:
> I once recorded a Christmas record, (in the summer of course), and there were birds, mainly robins naturally, chirping throughout.
> db

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